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Is Nutella healthy

Day by day, we are changing our daily diets and food intake. We are very attracted to junk food and some families take junk food from breakfast to dinner. We should be cautious while taking any food because it might be unhealthy for our body. We are doing a lot of exercise to reduce our fat but have we ever thought why our body has so much fat? Fat comes from our diet routine. If our body is not able to digest the food, it becomes fat in our body.

Nutella was manufactured in 1946 and later modified in 1949, which was prepared in Italy first time. Nutella has become the favorite food for breakfast. Nutella is like a delicious sweet dish. Nutella is a chocolate bar with hazelnut spread, but it is not healthy breakfast. Nutella contains 21 grams of sugar, 200 calories and 11 grams of fat per serving. Nutella contains ingredients are sugar, palm oil, hazelnut, cocoa, skim milk. Nutella is not a great source of energy but can be taken to start the day with some calories. Nutella can be taken with bread and it is a good substitute of butter. Children love to eat Nutella because of its chocolate flavor and it is one of the ways to feed the children.

Now we will see Nutella nutrition facts. If we take 2 tablespoon of Nutella, we will get 200 calories, 11 g of fat, 21 g of sugar, 3 g of protein.

Nutella nutrition fact is it varies from country to country. In France, the ingredients of Nutella includes vegetable oil, hazelnuts (13%), cocoa powder (7.4%), skimmed milk powder, emulsifier, and flavoring.

If we talk about the Italy where Nutella originated, it includes ingredients sugar, vegetable oil, hazelnuts, fat reduced cocoa powder, whey powder, skimmed milk powder (5%), and emulsifier.

In United Kingdom, Nutella ingredients are sugar, vegetable oil, hazelnuts (13%), fat-free cocoa, skimmed milk powder (7%), whey powder, emulsifier, and flavoring. Ingredients are almost same in countries but the percentage of ingredients are different.Americans also celebrating World Nutella Day and 5 Feb. has been designated as World Nutella Day for all over the world for Nutella fans.

Nutella nutrition facts are it should be taken in right quantity otherwise, there will be side effects of over-eating of Nutella. The taste of Nutella is mind blowing and children like it very much. We should take care of children health because regular use of Nutella will make addicted to regular use, which is not good for children.You can use Nutella when children are not interested in breakfast or not eating anything. Then Nutella works as a magic because children like Nutella taste very much. Therefore, instead of not eating, it is good to take some Nutella, which gives some vitamins and iron.

Research said proper intake of Nutella is not harmful but if you use regularly as your breakfast then it will increase your fat and it will be difficult to reduce fat from your body.


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