How to Examine and Improve Your Work Performance

How to improve work performance

Everyone has been there at one point.  You sit down and start reflecting on your life and looking for ways to improve work performance.  One of the areas that almost always seems to come to light is your job.  Is it the right job for you?  Are you giving it your best? Are there areas in which you can improve?  If you feel a lack of satisfaction with your work performance or your job in general, it may be time to take a step back and change the way that you approach your work.  In this article, we are going to look at small and easy ways in which you can improve your overall job performance without totally changing everything you’re doing.




The Way You View Your Work

The way you view your job and what you do on a daily basis can have a huge impact on your job performance.  If you view your job negatively, then you’re not going to give it your all and that can lead to poor job performance.  Take a step back and think about the excitement you had for your work when you first began. Following steps will help you to improve your work performance.

  1. Examine the basics. How do you perform the small tasks?  Is it a quality performance?
  2. Pay attention to details. As we become more accustomed to our jobs, it’s easy to overlook details and cut corners.
  3. Have a positive outlook. No matter how bad your job seems some days, find the good in it and focus on that.
  4. Ask for feedback. Your superiors and even your coworkers will gladly provide constructive criticism if asked.  Be transparent and ask what you can work on in order to boost your performance.
  5. Double check your work. Give your boss quality the very first time rather than going with the bare minimum or being forced to redo something you could have done right the first time.
  6. Avoid being distracted. It’s easy to get caught up in office gossip or workplace gossip. Focus on what you’re doing and ignore what chatter is going on around you. 

Taking a step back and looking at the small details of your work and changing your attitude towards it can definitely help you improve your work performance without a lot of extra effort.

Goal-Setting and Looking Forward

No matter how long you have worked at your job, there will always be room for improvement.  Taking the time to motivate yourself to make improvements without prompting or disciplinary action will show your employer a lot about you as a person and an employee.  Knowing what you have to work towards and getting there takes time and focus.  What are some ways you can begin to work on your job performance that will guarantee your personal and professional improvement?

  1. Set short and long-term goals. Goals are a great way to stay focused on what you wish to accomplish.  Try setting weekly, monthly and even yearly goals that will help you to gradually improve.
  2. Write down your ideas. We all have great ideas, but by the time we have time to reflect on them, we sometimes forget them.  When you have a good idea for your job, make a quick note and set it aside for later. It definitely will help to improve your work performance.
  3. Freshen up your work area and place things where they will enhance your performance.  This may include organization and rearranging your work area to make it more practical for your job.
  4. Prioritize your tasks. Get what is most important finished first and work from there.
  5. Ask questions. There is no stupid question, so ask if you don’t know the answer.  You want to do it correctly the first time.

Starting by taking small steps to gradually grow your performance will make it feel easier and more natural. No one can change instantly.  It takes work and focus.  If you still struggle, keep trying and find ways to learn from your mistakes.

Be Proactive

Your personal efforts will show initiative.  Being a follower only goes so far.  Taking the time to learn and grow without prompting will help you to reach your goals faster and watch your career grow faster.  Take time to listen, ask questions, and try to learn and grow on a daily basis.  Your actions will not go unnoticed.

While it may take some time and effort to make your job performance shine, be patient and focus on the prize.  Even if this isn’t going to be your lifetime career, the habits that you form now will follow you for the rest of your work life.  Build these good habits and implement these tips to excel in whatever profession you choose! You will see the difference in work performance.

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