Do you think Terrorism has Religion?

Terrorism has no religion. To say, at 35 years old I have studied every religion in the world would be a very daring and ultimately untrue statement. But what I do know is that religion is about God and being the best human you can be, whoever’s guidance and beliefs you follow to achieve this.… Continue reading Do you think Terrorism has Religion?

Nutella Nutrition Facts

Day by day, we are changing our daily diets and food intake. We are very attracted to junk food and some families take junk food from breakfast to dinner. We should be cautious while taking any food because it might be unhealthy for our body. We are doing a lot of¬†exercise to reduce our fat… Continue reading Nutella Nutrition Facts

Hard work or Smart work??

We are discussing about whether hard work is good or smart work. I will prefer smart work but as a part of discussion we will have a look at both the aspects. Work is important to do in every field, as it takes us to the next level of success. The most important question you… Continue reading Hard work or Smart work??

How to be Healthy & Live Long

Healthy tips to live a long life There is nothing as beautiful as living a life that is long and healthy. Everybody hopes that he or she would never fall ill and live to his or her old age. The challenge comes in when one is supposed to live a healthy life. It is not… Continue reading How to be Healthy & Live Long