How To Build An Online Presence For Job Search


online presence for job search

Living in this technical world, we are required to establish an online presence for job search. This would definitely lead to a good job offer. Marketing online is affordable, reachable and available. Here we have discussed how to establish online presence to get a job. It is very easy if you simply follow the step-by-step processes.

Step-by-step processes to create online presence for Job Seekers

Research online and study information, ecommerce, and forums. See what kinds of markets are available that will help in creating online presence for job search.

Linkedin is one of the best professional platforms to create an online presence for job seekers. Begin by marketing yourself, create a free account on the professional platform namely Linkedin. Complete your profile in details by adding a summary, education and extracurricular activities. Also, add skills allowing connections to certify. Write your work experience and projects completed in all previous Companies and publish your profile. Time to time you edit this profile because it is accessible worldwide.

Connect with likeminded people including your classmates, colleagues/ex-colleagues and professionals whom you have never met. Join different groups having your interests and interact with all. Write, publish and share articles based on experience or viewpoints. You never know who might contact you for a vacancy in their Company.Meanwhile, select your job interests in referred locations and Linkedin sends an update. Linkedin provides free professional advice and online training. Linkedin boosts your profile for better ranking but you have to pay for that.

Professional Facebook Page

Facebook is very popular social media platform and good for making an online presence for job search. If you are not one of Facebook’s 1.8 billion users worldwide, then create an account. This is the best free social media platform of today. Facebook accounts are created for numerous reasons like personal or professional use. Hence, your profile should be dependent on how you want to use the account. Make sure you select the correct security options for your end users. They could be public or private you have added to list of friends, and groups. Facebook allows you to share photographs, videos, point of view, send email and chat.

Personal Website to Market your Skills

A personal website is an ideal way to showcase your skills to companies. Companies prefer hiring people who are experienced so help your friend having any business or profession. You need to sell yourself to create your online presence for job search. You can showcase your friend website in your portfolio.

For example if you are a web designer or developer, then you can showcase your work by helping your friend. This is an excellent way of gaining work experience. Design an e-commerce site or professional website. You can use easily install WordPress themes available for a different e-commerce industry. Learn and use the latest HTML, CSS, and Graphics to design your website professionally.  There are experts who provide support. Select the most appropriate, stylish Theme for the site. We recommend you to create an unique logo and brand name for any marketing products otherwise there would be a legal issue.  Use a professional camera and take high-quality digital photographs of all his/her products. Thereafter, retouch them and compress their size using Photoshop. If your friend requires an online ordering facility through email, chat or phone. She would bake only after getting the order and collect cash on delivery. There is no credit/debit card transaction so security is not necessary like and others.

If you are comfortable with Facebook then use it. There are advantages of using Facebook, it allows you to target audiences and advertise and it would make a better online presence for job search. Your online freelance works are also an excellent and ideal way to market yourself for your ideal job.


Blogging is sharing your experience and adding your view points with everyone. You wish to attract maximum visitors to your blog. Use Google guidelines how to use search engine optimization [SEO]. Spend time to update with the latest technologies. Blogging is not only a platform for earning money but also showcase your skills and experiences to your future employers. A well-written blog focused on your area of expertise is another good tool to create an online presence for job search.

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