How to be Healthy & Live Long

Tips to be healthy

Healthy tips to live a long life

There is nothing as beautiful as living a life that is long and healthy. Everybody hopes that he or she would never fall ill and live to his or her old age. The challenge comes in when one is supposed to live a healthy life. It is not an easy path to healthy living. However, with persistence and determination, you and I can live a long healthy life. This article will give you workable tips on how to live longer and stay healthy.

  1. Balanced diet

A good meal comprises of three basic nutrients; carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. These are the three basic ingredients you must have for every meal. It is also essential for you to identify the right ingredients for carbohydrates, vitamins and the proteins. Carbohydrates are converted into glucose to give you energy. This can be found in corn and corn products, both brown and white rice, wheat, to mention but a few. You can find vitamins in fruits and vegetables, while proteins can be found in both white and red meat, beans, milk and many other animal products.

  1. Exercise

Exercise for the whole body is very important for your health. People who exercise regularly do not fall victim of excess weight or certain weight related diseases. You should come up with a regular program, which will be on a daily basis and will help you to exercise every part of your body. Alternatively, you can enroll in exercise programs such as aerobics where you will have a trainer to take you through a regular exercise program. Exercising also makes you stay fresh, look healthy and young.

  1. Avoid too much fat and sugars

By all means, avoid any excessive fats and sugars. They are very dangerous to your health. Note that excessive fat intake easily leads one into a life of obesity. They also lead to an unhealthy heart, which may afterwards lead to heart problems. Excessive sugars on the other hand also lead to weight gain. If you want to maintain some healthy body weight, ensure that these two ingredients are not part of your diet.

  1. Avoid excess salt

Salt is a good ingredient in food. It gives taste to food. However, too much salt is dangerous to your health. In most cases, people who take too much salt end up having high blood pressure. This is a very risky disease that may lead to death. To be on the safe side, ensure that your food has enough salt to taste. If you are addicted to salty foods, reduce your intake slowly by slowly and take plenty of water to balance it.

  1. Avoid alcohol

If you are an alcoholic, it is time for you to stop. Alcohol addiction will never make it possible for you to maintain a healthy life and live long. One thing alcohol does to you is to cause diseases such as cancer of the liver. Alcohol contents are very risky for your health. Secondly, alcohol gets rid of the desire for food. This mostly applies to the people who are addicted. On several occasions, such people end up taking alcohol in the place of food and eventually end up unhealthy. A person who does not eat in a healthy way is more prone to all kinds of diseases. Alcohol also makes one frustrated. If you are an alcohol addict who spends much on drinking, then your family is likely to suffer the more since you will not be able to provide enough for them. The demands they place on you end up being so stressful to the extent of causing diseases in your body.

  1. Do not smoke

Cigarette smoking is a slow but sure killer. It is evident that smoking causes complications to your health. Diseases such as kidney cancer, gullet cancer, lung cancer and even heart attack are caused by an increased rate of smoking. If you want to live longer and healthier, you ought to avoid smoking completely. For you who do not smoke, you should never get to start. Remember, smoking is addictive and once you start, it will really be difficult to stop.  This may end you up in a pit of an unhealthy life.

  1. Eat plenty of raw vegetables

Raw vegetables are the best for your health. They are the best source of vitamins and contain all the important nutrients.  Eating raw vegetables makes you look younger and very healthy. They also improve your skin, making it to glow and look very healthy. Raw vegetables will also help you to lose weight, just in case you are overweight.

  1. Eat fruits

How to be healthy alwaysEnsure that your house is filled with fresh fruits. Fruits are a good source of vitamins as well as energy. They ensure that your skin remains glowing, healthy and very good looking. Some fruits are also a good source of healthy fats such as avocado. These fats are good for the health of your hair and act as a good moisturizer for your skin. Fruits are also good for digestion. You can plan for some pudding right before or after your meals.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Water is life. Without water, there is not life for you. You need water for the right functioning of your body. Every adult must take at least eight glasses of water in a day. Water refreshes the body and also prevents the body from suffering dehydration. It also aids in digestion and weight loss. Water must be taken at least thirty minutes after every meal to aid digestion and absorption of nutrients. Water is also essential for body cleansing purposes. If you do not drink enough water, your body easily shows. Some signs include deeply colored urine, dry lips and mouth and some people also experience little or no urination. Such people should improve their water intake.

  1. Get enough sleep

Lack of enough sleep could make you ineffective in everything you do, whether in the house or workplace. You will stay fatigued all the time and this is one of the ways of becoming sick. The body needs enough rest for it to restore the used up cells and energy. Ensure that your mind is restful especially during the times you are asleep. Getting used to sleep tablets is very unhygienic. For you to get quality sleep, get rid of alcohol or caffeine products before bedtime.  In addition, avoid excess eating right before sleep. This will make you very uncomfortable all through the night. Lack of enough sleep is one cause of early aging. People who rest enough enjoy a youthful look.

  1. Do not overwork your body

This is a very common thing in the present times. Due to the economic difficulties, many people engage in excessive working hours to meet their financial needs. This causes too much strain to the body. The body is not like a machine. It needs to rest well, be fed well and also be refreshed. You need to work for a maximum of eight hours a day. The rest of the time should be for rest, refreshment and exercise. Your mind also needs some good rest away from the bustles and hustles of the entire day.

  1. Alone time

Create some time in a week where you will have time to meditate and completely refresh. This could be some two hours over the weekend or even on one of the weekdays. This should be a time with no interference from any place. Take this time to meditate, no hard thinking. Get in touch with your soul and fully give some rest to your mind. Avoid too much thinking at meditation times and if possible, get away from every person. The best places for such an activity are natural sites such as besides a river, or in the woods.

  1. Cultivate a positive attitude

You are made up of what you think. If you think right, you will definitely live right. Take time to cultivate a right and positive attitude. Read something motivational every single morning before you step out of your house. Reading or listening to something positive in the morning will give you the energy to face the day with a lot of positive expectations and energy. This eventually makes you look younger since you get so much motivated to meet your set goals.

  1. Avoid worry

Live one day at a time. Avoid worrying about the next day or what will happen next. Live your life in simplicity and you will reap the benefits of positive living. A person who worries less does not age fast. Too much is easily reflected on a person’s face. His or her face is filled up with wrinkles. In addition, a worried person lives in the fear of the unknown.  You can also avoid worry by planning for your life and children in advance. Ensure that your finances are well planned out and you account for every single cent.

  1. Maintain a healthy mind

A healthy mind is one of the signs of a healthy body. A healthy mind ensures that you have the capacity to make the right decisions throughout your life. Feed your mind with the right information. Read good books and by all means, reduce get rid of stress igniters. You can avoid stress by simply doing what you love most. For instance, if you love cycling, make time for it so as to refresh your mind.

  1. Maintain a clean body

Cleanliness is considered a necessity for every human  being. Cleanliness is imperative for a healthy life. Your body needs a bath at least once a day. This gets rid of the dead cells and refreshes you. Cleaning your body also ensures that your skin is clean, giving an allowance for good breathing.

  1. Dental care

Find a good toothbrush to clean your mouth. This should be done after every meal. A healthy mouth will give you the confidence to step out and even interact with other people.

  1. Avoid chemicals on your body

Cosmetic products are good; however, it is healthier to stay without them.  Some cosmetic products are made of chemicals which are very dangerous to your body and skin. We live in a society where people are not contented with their skin color. Those people who are darker skinned are on the run for skin Lighteners, while they who are light are looking for chemicals to make them appear darker. This has brought about many skin complications and some people have ended up having skin cancer eventually leading to death. Whether you are dark or light, be proud of your skin color. Maintain it well and live a longer happier life.

Some chemicals can also be taken in the name of making one bigger or smaller. Some people take slimming pills in the name of weight loss. On the other hand, others take some pills to add weight. Many people have fallen victim of risky diseases in the name of weight loss and some have even ended up losing their limbs instead. The only solution to a healthy and a good looking body is taking a balanced diet. If you want to lose weight, engage in a good exercise plan. In addition, if you want to grow bigger, you should also add some starchy foods to your diet but don’t engage in pills and all other kinds of surgery.

  1. Be proud of yourself

Avoid condemning yourself all the time. Even if you make a mistake, forgive yourself, let go and move on. Constant condemnation to oneself sends negative signals to your mind, which will end up in worry and regrets. As mentioned earlier, the easiest way to develop wrinkles is through excessive worry, panic and having a negative attitude. Love yourself even if someone else does not show love to you. Remember, you can only be loved as much as you love yourself.

Buy yourself a gift once in a while and appreciate your hard work. Once in a while, spoil yourself a little. This does not mean that you engage in overeating habits, no. just take yourself out to a good recreational center and enjoy as you interact with new people or friends. Like your body shape and always tell yourself good words. This is a good therapy for you especially in the morning after you take a shower. Go to the mirror and tell yourself all the good words on earth. This will slowly develop your self esteem and confidence. Additionally, you will always look young and beautiful or handsome.

  1. Dress right

This may not sound very professional but it is one of the many confidence boosters. Buy clothes that fit you. Not too tight and not too loose. Tight clothes are not good for your skin; they may cause you some infections. Dressing right makes you look young and beautiful. For instance, a lady, no matter how old who dresses in brightly colored clothes appears more beautiful and young.  Invest in some good looking clothes and you will never regret.

  1. Acquire more knowledge

There is no end to learning. Learning is progressive and can be done on a daily basis. In your daily diary, make it a point to realize something new you have learnt on a daily basis. Life is a learning process and the moment you realize that you are not learning anymore, and then this is a sign that you are not living well. You can also decide to take part time courses to keep yourself busy. Never allow any idle time in your life. Always find something to do at all times except during your resting  time. If you find that you have some excess time, identify a hobby and engage in it. This will keep your mind active and you will definitely stay young. It is also a good exercise for your brain since it will remain active even during your old age.

  1. Regular medical check up

It is advisable for you to have a personal doctor who will regularly check your body. Make monthly or yearly visits to your doctor to check your blood, blood sugar levels, blood pressure and even your dental formula. A regular medical checkup helps you to easily get rid of any upcoming danger. It also ensures that you maintain a healthy kind of living all through your life.

  1. Stay safe

Lastly, stay safe throughout. If you are a driver, ensure you know all the traffic rules and regulations. The same applies to the pedestrians and cyclists. This reduces the high rate of accidents in our present times. The world is losing millions of people throughout the year as a result of poor driving and the act of breaking simple traffic rules.

All these tips will help you to maintain a 100% healthy life. You can use them to have a long and happy life. Statistics show that people who have lived long enough to see generations after generations. Have used the tips mentioned above. They regularly engage in eating right and maintaining a positive attitude all through. You can achieve the same results if only you can be determined to live right.


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