Is First Impression Is The Last Impression

First impression

Do not treat the first impressions as the last ones

If we say that first impression is important, it is true. But if we start believing that First Impression is the last impression, surely we are under a wrong notion. When you meet a person for the first time, you start creating an opinion about that person. Some of the opinions turn out to be correct, however, the other ones turn out to be wrong. This thing we get to know after days of knowing that person. Even your best friend is not the same person you thought would be when you met him for the first time.

Rather, we shouldn’t call it an impression, rather in the first meeting; we can only judge a person and create our own opinions about that person. But, sometimes those people we thought are very mean in a first impression and those come to help us in our adverse situations and then our opinion turns out to be wrong. After all, you cannot tell the story of a book just by looking at its cover. The first impression should only be treated as a casual meeting. The way you judge people, others may judge you too.

The First impression when considered to be the last is an exaggerated because it is only true to an extent. We have examples from many movies, books and to be precise, from our own lives that the best persons in our lives are the ones we judged wrong when met for the first time. Surely that person had to put a lot of efforts to change a first impression which was in your mind.

 This happens because when we meet someone for the first time, we are completely unaware of how that person is and that first impression lays the foundation of knowing that person. But, the approach should not be strongly believed.

First impression is the last impression proverb is basically a professional concept and started for the interviewee so that candidates give their best shot in the interviews. This concept has been used in the corporate world so that companies give their best products and services to customers because customers make their mind with a first impression of products and services.

 Let us stop believing the fact “First Impression is the last impression” and you will be able to know a person better.


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