How To Be Happy & Grateful

Be happy and grateful

See the bright side of life and remain grateful at all times

Life is all about ups and downs, good and the evil, sadness and the happiness and Love, but not about hatred. Sometimes people consistently try to be happy, but they are not able to gather enough courage and optimism to stay happy. But, there is one more thing which is attached to happiness and it is “being grateful in life”. People must now be wondering “How to be happy and grateful”. Always remember that a pessimist will always curse his life, no matter you give him million dollars. You should always be thankful to the God for all that you have been blessed with, instead of cursing God for all you don’t have. After all, not everyone has everything good. Even Abraham Lincoln had struggled throughout his life. Had he not been grateful, he would have never become the President of United States.

Uncover the happiness, because it is waiting for you. You just need to give it a glance to be happy. Always remember that the bad experience teaches us a lesson of life, but don’t get disheartened. “How to be happy and grateful” is a question that life has for you and you can do that by learning the prayers of gratitude. Imagine, aren’t you lucky that you are reading these words, because there may be people who have been hit through a bad accident this morning and had demise? To be grateful in life, practice meditation, note down the things you are blessed with, watch your language, help a needy person and most importantly, take an oath to practice gratitude.

We all are humans and all of us have some goals in our lives. But, we don’t enjoy after achieving those goals, rather we fight for next goals, we need them in a short span of time and develop negativity. But to live your life peacefully, you should know How to be happy and grateful. When you live in your past, you regret. When you live in your future, you get distressed. Therefore, to be happy you should cherish your present and feel the bliss of life. Enjoy the present and forget the future pessimism.

Always remember that a stale apple attracts worms. If you stay pessimistic, you will also attract the negatives only and one day you will lose all you had. This makes it imperative to be grateful in life, for all you have. Not everyone is blessed with the traits you are blessed with.

Let us salute the universal system of birth and death and let them tell us that the show of life must go on.

As William Shakespeare once said, “God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world”.

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