Don’t Let Comparisons Rule Your Life

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                     American author Mark Twain famously quoted “Comparison is the death of joy”. 

Be and act yourself, don’t let comparisons rule your life

When you compare yourself to others, you tend to get two results. Either you think you are superior to the other, or you think you are inferior. Both the results of comparison steal your joy and disturb your mind. One may make you feel dull. However, the other may make you arrogant and give you a bad attitude towards that person. Therefore, don’t let comparisons rule your life”.

There is nothing wrong in having an idol you want to be like. But, comparing your life to everyone who comes across your path is definitely a bad idea. You should just follow the lead of your idol instead of being a carbon copy of that person. When you compare yourself to others, you are surely losing yourself and being more about someone else. This may bring inferiority complex in your life and you will never be happy because the comparison steals your joy. Always remember that your only competitor is you only. If you could complete a set of 30 pushups on the first day, it is a victory. But if you compare yourself to the one who has been constantly doing it for years, you will end up hurting your muscles and eventually yourself. The example explains why you shouldn’t let comparisons rule your life.

Why copy others when you have your own identity? Be yourself and act like one. Everyone is born with talent and comparing only hides that talent. Consequently, it brings frustration and fear in you. Don’t let comparisons rule your life. There is always a scope of improvement in you as nobody is perfect and nobody can ever be perfect. Therefore, come over the negative thoughts and find your competitor who is nobody else but you.

When you try to become more of yourself, you will turn out to be a more confident and a better person. This tells you how comparison steals your joy. If you evaluate yourself, you will see your areas of improvement and you can work on them. This ignites the fire of working for yourself in a positive manner without any ill-thoughts crossing your way. The only thing you should always keep in mind and never forgotten is “Don’t let comparisons rule your life”.


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