How to Consistently Come Up With Awesome & Positive Ideas

How to get positive ideas

We are writing this blog so that everybody is able to get positive & awesome ideas in writing. Be grateful and you will never run out of good ideas.

Writers pick up the pen and write….

Writers always come up with unique consistent ideas. Of these, they select the best idea that came up to their minds. Popular, very good authors write their stories in an interesting and gripping style. Hence, when readers come across writer’s idea, they read from beginning till end.

Where do these ideas come from?

  • Personal Experience: Personal experience includes when you were physically present at the scenario or situation. Also, when your neighbor or friend comes to you and shares his experience. Thus these are first-hand and second-hand experience that gives you an idea. You need to note down the ideas immediately before it is deleted from your mind. 
  • Observations: We live in the subcontinent of India full of colorful events, functions, and occasions. Always attend these festivals because you never know what ideas may come to your mind. Even your friends and famous individuals could influence your creative ideas.
  • Reading newspapers and watching current affairs. The daily newspaper gives an excellent idea of what is happening in the World. Also, TV channels depict in details about everything that occurs in the political World. In addition, there are movie show and awards. These give ideas. There are times we disagree with cruelty to humanity.Reading books for more ideas
  • Reading: Reading is an excellent method of getting ideas. Several books on a wide range of subjects are available as fiction and nonfiction.
  • Imagination: This is the best, recommended method of creating ideas. Authors use this method for writing plots of excellent stories. Definitely, by excelling in imagination you would become a very successful writer. Also, by practicing this method, you would be able to have consistent ideas. Over time, your ideas would be better and positive. Most of your ideas would be of high quality to share with all your readers.

Jotting your ideas

Places to get the ideas are several. It can happen while you are busy with anything and everything during your daily chores. Hence, it is recommended that you keep a pocket book. In this modern era, you keep your Smartphone or mobile phone handy. These are ideal for jotting your ideas while on the move too. Also, you have the neat option of writing the major points of your best idea.

Noting down ideas

Noting down your ideas:

Create an interesting heading of the idea you have in mind. Add this heading right on top and often scroll to remind yourself of the same. This is a sure and excellent method. You do not want to get deviated from the main stream of selected idea. Your thoughts and expressions are very important. You do not want the reader to lose himself/herself while reading the prose. This prose could be a short article, story, novel and others. In addition, if know how to write poetry you can use your ideas in that form too. While writing the most important thing to remember is never use long sentences. This actually confuses the reader.

After completing the write-up, the reader likes to take home messages and advices. Hence suitable ideas are advisable to share. Readers of any novel sieve through the information to understand the society during author’s time.

Kindly share your feedback and comments, we will add good points in this article. Newcomers in blogging and content writing sector will get a benefit. 



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