How to Start a Blog and Earn Money Online

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Have you ever thought about creating a blog and making money online? You have probably heard of many people who make money by blogging and you are wondering how you can make this happen for yourself. Maybe you have already tried to create a blogging page, but you are stuck on what you should write about or doubt your level of expertise when it comes to the subject matter. The good news is, if you have tried your hand at blogging, you can make money online by doing it. How do you become a blogger who makes money? In this article, I am going to give you some tips and tools that you can use in order to make your blog into something that will earn an income.

Getting Started

Once you have determined that blogging is something that you would like to pursue, it’s time to get the pieces together and make it a reality. Many don’t know where to begin, and they give up before they even begin. No worries, many have the same questions.

Tips to start blog and earn money online

  • Know your writing style

What sets a good blogger apart from a mediocre blogger is the knowledge of how you write. What kinds of audiences does your writing style meet with? For some, they have a conversational writing style, much like the one used in this article. For others, you might find that you encompass a more informative and formal writing style. By knowing your writing style, you can pair it with a subject that will compliment it and make it appealing to readers.

  • Create your page

While you may not know programming languages or how to build a webpage, having a page for your blog is a must. You can find platforms, such as WordPress, where you can create your personal blog using templates. WordPress is an open source CMS (Content Management System). Content Management systems allow you to create and manage your website from a user-friendly interface. This method is user-friendly and will take some of the guess-work out of building a professional-looking page. This is the beginning to start making money online.

  • Put yourself out there

It might feel intimidating at first, but don’t be afraid to promote yourself. Post links to your blog on social media and tell your friends about it. Your blogs following can increase by simply using word of mouth. Some of your most loyal followers will be friends and family when you first begin.

  • Start networking right away

Explore your blog’s topic and look through blogs on your topic. Garner ideas and speak to those who are already considered professional bloggers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and share ideas. You can build rapport and experience by who you speak with.

  • Find your niche

Don’t put yourself in a position where you are trying to write about something that doesn’t interest you or in which you possess very little knowledge. You want your blog to flow, not feel forced and overly researched. While you may need some outside research to pull it together, you want to write on a topic that is suited to you and your lifestyle.

Once you have built the foundations of your blog, get started and gather a following. You won’t see huge numbers right away, but keep on writing and providing knowledge that will help others and bring them back for more!

Building Your Following

Once you have put yourself out there, you have to prove yourself to the world. Remember, you are not known in the blogging world yet, so you have to work and take the time to make yourself an authoritative figure. Building credibility and a group of followers will not happen overnight. Be patient and put quality materials on your blog. Become known for your knowledge.

  • Avoid offering personal opinions until you are known as an authority on your niche

When writing your blog, you want to make it helpful to others. However, it can be difficult not to make it helpful without bias. Keep your opinions out of the mix initially and lean more toward the facts. Keep this in mind, especially if your topic has the capability to be emotionally charged.

  • Don’t argue with people, but take the time to create a useful discussion

There will be a heckler in every group. This one person will try to start an argument or debate, no matter how neutral the content may be. Avoid the urge to give into these arguments. Take what these people throw out there and turn it into a useful discussion. If they truly stand behind their thoughts and opinions, then they will be willing to offer reasons why they believe in their statements.

  • Keep your blog up to date

Information changes as new discoveries are made. Keep your old and new content up to date and relevant. You have to review your content on a regular basis and edit the old content with new content. It will attract readers to visit your website again and again.

  • Post frequently

Readers will get bored if your posts are spaced too far apart. You also don’t want to drown them with posts. Find a good frequency for your posts and keep your posts frequent without being overbearing. Try to post every day and readers will always be your side.

Once you have obtained a name in the blogging world, find ways in which your blog can earn money.

Making Money

Making money online

Incorporating one or more ways to generate an income from your blog will make it enjoyable to write as well as profitable. Many of the top bloggers have found a generous income in several different forms. Depending on what your blog is about, one or more should be ideal for helping your blog earn an income. This income could possibly replace a full-time job if done correctly!



  • Advertising

Companies are always looking for outlets for promoting their products. You can make some serious money by selling space on your page for ads. When people click on these ads and purchase something, you reap the rewards!

  • Affiliate Marketing

Having a partnership with a service or product will help you make a good income. Try affiliating your page with a product or service that matches up to your content. For example, if you’re running fitness blog, affiliate your page to a piece of exercise equipment. Just like advertising, affiliate marketing earns you money when your readers click the ads and buy from the other website.

  • Events

Sponsor events that coincide with your content. You can make money in numerous ways during an event.

  • Selling Products or Services

Selling products or services through your blog will allow your readers to purchase what you recommend. A business gives you a percentage of the sale. You can easily start making money online by selling your own products and services. Products can be physical and digital.

  • Adsense

Adsense is a product of Google. Adsense is a simple and free way to making money online by placing ads on your website. People are making thousand of dollars by using Google Adsense.

Once your blog is up and running, try a few ways of making money with it! While not all blogs are successful, you will never know until you try!!! Happy blogging!

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below and we will follow it up. You can share your opinions and we will try to add your views on the blog.

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