June 20, 2016

Data Entry & Research Services

Polc Management data entry and research services

In today’s fast business world, accurate and effective data entry plays a vital role in every business decision. Data is important for every organization and it should be maintained effectively. Data entry refers as the process of handling and entering data for the company and to present as and when required. For every company, systematic information has become a vital part of every organization.

Our data entry experts have excellent typing speed with high accuracy and are experienced in alphanumeric data entry, survey and questionnaire forms, medical data entry and every type of data entry.

We offer the following services:-

  • Data entry of various Business transactions
  • Online data entry
  • Offline data entry
  • Data entry from image file
  • Data entry of e-books
  • Data entry of various forms
  • Online Shopping Cart or Online Store Data Entry
  • Data capture or collection
  • Data copy-paste, editing, sorting & indexing in any format
  • Text, Numeric or Alphanumeric data entry
  • Data entry of Dictionaries, Manuals, Encyclopedia, Catalogs, Business cards etc.
  • Data entry of Surveys, Questionnaires, Company reports
  • Data entry from websites
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Data cleaning of text from books in form of scanned images.
  • Data Mining

Research Services

Data Research Services

Data research refers to extracting information from the world wide web after proper research desired by the client. Polc Management company provides excellent web research services in various areas. If you own a business or company and require data or consultation on some aspect, our professional team will provide you the best advice in internet and marketing strategies.

Searching the internet with million web pages to extract information is a daunting task and time consuming. Our experts and technical team will help you to get the require information from the internet through their knowledge management systems. We are using latest techniques to get the desired information from the web.Polc Management research services

We offer following research services:-

·         Education and Business web research

·         Management and organizational web research

·         Email Research

·         Name, City and State Research

·         Address Research

·         Product / Services Research

·         Pricing Research

·         Competitor Research

·         Trend Research

·         Advertising Research

·         Market and Location Research

·         Brand, Corporate Image Research

·         Internet Product Research

·         Reference material research


·         Internet Research and Reporting

·         Online research for database creation

·         Online Research, Data Conversion Service.

·         Web to Web Entry

·         Internet Research

·         Product Research Market Research

·         Survey Research

·         Analysis, Web Mining

·         Data Mining, Web Research

·         Information Retrieval

·         Web Content Filtering

·         Web Data Extraction

·         Product market research

·         Summarization of websites useful to both instructors and students